Day 2 - Cleveland/Niagara Falls

Greetings, Fellow Travelers!

Coming at you from the road early on Day 3.  We wanted to post last night, but be forewarned if you are using the internet at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Niagara Falls - the WiFi SUCKS and will crash your browser multiple times until you go to sleep at midnight in frustration...

Day 2 was awesome.  A good nights sleep in Cleveland was followed by an early trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Kim and Jim had been there years ago pre-kids, and the good memories were all confirmed.  A great visit full of conversation with the kids, sharing the love of music that all four of us have in common.  And...HERB RITTS!  If you aren't familiar, Herb was a photographer who was basically THE MAN for portrait and video work in the world of fashion and rock and roll for several decades thru the 80's and 90's (   All enjoyed it, but Jim's head about exploded - a large two-floor show with dozens of his original works and all kind of history.  Simply amazing.

After the Rock Hall, we took the suggestion of several people and went to the West Side Public Market.  Hate to be redundant, but it was awesome!  Think Dane County Farmers Market, but indoors, inside of a turn of the Century public building and with much more diversity.  Great walk, tons of people, grabbed some good treats and hit the road.

We then drove to Niagara Falls.  We got in fairly late and took a sunset walk down to the falls.  We were all pretty wiped out after a long day so the visit was just OK - breathtaking but not fully appreciated.  I promise, a better Falls update later today when the Day 3 update is posted. The McNulty's will be  crossing the border and going International.  Canada, eh?!

Cheers, more updates at the end of the day (assuming the WiFi in Boston is better than Niagara...)

- Jim

The Girls before heading into the RnR HOF

MK channeling Bjork in front of a Herb Ritts masterpiece.

Cleveland's West Side public market.

The lovely that sold us dried fruit at West Side Market.

Niagara Falls, US view at night.