Day 1 - Cleveland

The first day is in the books, and what was supposed to basically be a travel day turned into a bunch of fun.  Savanna Tomei from Channel 27 was a complete blast, so lucky to have that connection come our way to see us off first thing in the morning (thanks Sis!).  Our drive thru Chicago, Gary and 80/90 thru Indiana and Ohio was a little wet at times but generally clear sailing.  Our surprise detour to see the Notre Dame campus was exactly what I had hoped we would and will continue to do during this trip - see something cool and just do it.

Our hotel for the night is an old beauty - the Hyatt Regency Arcade.  Classic grandeur, and a photographers dream.  A couple pics below.

Dinner was great as well - neighborhood Irish Pub with some great waitstaff.  It was another wish come true for the trip - we just talked to some good folks about what we are doing, they really liked the story, we swapped info, they already liked our Facebook page and we walked away with an awesome keepsake from our visit.  I hope the good mojo keeps coming our way.

Thanks so much to everyone for such great send off messages, too.  We are truly, truly humbled and thankful for everyone giving a hoot about this trip.  More tomorrow, cheers and good night!

- Jim

Lobby of Hyatt Regency Arcade

Lobby of Hyatt Regency Arcade

Lobby of the Hyatt Regency Arcade

Dinner, 4th St, Downtown Cleveland