Our Story

Six or so years ago, we were on a plane headed to Disney.  The in-flight magazine had a story about a family of four that sold all their belongings and traveled around the world for an entire year.  Kim and Jim, being a CPA and Banker, didn't feel that they would ever have something THAT crazy inside them, but a long conversation later, the seed of The Big Trip was planted.

We are lucky to be surrounded by great families and friends.   Talking to them over the years, we found the really smart folks with great grown up kids always said similar things - grab the kids and do everything we can together, because they grow up in the blink of an eye.  The Big Trip is our way of committing to our family vision - dedicating a large block of focused time together, deepening our relationships and enjoying each other's company.  An added bonus - seeing this great country in a very unique way!

We are going to travel around the US for about 10 weeks.  We will be driving in a new SUV, staying in hotels and seeing everything we possibly can.  There are a few rules: no visits to places within 5 hours of Madison, no eating in restaurants that we can eat at around home, etc..  We will try hard to do and see new things as we go.  We will be following a general route, planning the hotel stays and big stops, but doing all we can to let fun things happen.  

We look forward to posting something every day if we can so you all can follow us on our adventure.  Maybe you will get something out of watching us as we travel.  You can always drop us a line if you have thoughts or suggestions at jim.mcnulty@outlook.com.

- Kim, Jim, Maggie and Mary Kate McNulty