Day 3 - Niagara to Boston

Has it really only been 3 days?  So much ground covered, literally and figuratively.

We are about 1100 miles in and got into Boston after a long travel day.  The 'we had a great day' streak continues.

We were again up early and headed across the border to Canada to see Niagara Falls from the other side.  Smart move in hindsight - the US side is great but from Canada you can see things from a much better angle, plus we got the girls into another country .  We did the 'Journey Behind the Falls', took a good walk and soaked (literally) it all in before hitting the road and heading east.

We had the 'Funk-N-Waffles' restaurant in Syracuse NY on our 'maybe' list as a place to visit if we had time.  Karma stepped in overnight  - the episode of 'Diners, Drive Ins and Dives' where they were featured was on, so we had to go.  It was great - a classic college town dive with great travel food.  Staff was cool, food was great and we walked off some of the calories with a hike around the Syracuse University campus.  Good stuff.

Although we were running a bit behind, we talked the girls into another detour off the main drag and found (thanks to a GREAT tip from a high school friend of Kim's) an Appalachian Trail access point only 15 minutes off the interstate.  This was a bucket list item for the trip, and although it was only a short hour-long hike, it really scratched the itch to experience the trail.  Knowing one of Jim's running heroes Scott Jurek is on the same trail trying to set a thru-hike record at the same time we took our hike made it all the more special.

We are now settled down in Boston and we will be in the same hotel for two days.  It is a much welcomed thought to unpack a bit more, clean up and know we have limited time in the car tomorrow.

Three days in and we are at the Easternmost point of The Big Trip.  We have 3200 miles to the west to get to the other side, and many things to see in between.  A full day in Boston tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for no evening rain so we can hear 'Play Ball'...

- Jim

The Journey Behind the Falls

Waterfall, eh?

Chicken-n-Waffles, highly recommended.

AT trail access, near Becket, MA

Appalachian Trail near Becket, MA