Day 51 - Wichita Falls to Dallas, TX

You remember all that talk about dry heat last week?  Yeaaaaaah.  That's over with. 105° in Dallas, and lots of humidity.  We woke up those sweat glands and gave them a workout!  

We got into Dallas mid-day and made our way to our must-do spot - the JFK 6th Floor Museum.   It did not disappoint.  The museum involved one of those audio contraptions where you had a personalized iPod sort of deal with headphones that told you information as you moved around the 6th floor.  Sometimes those can be annoying to me, but other than it being crowded, this one hit the mark.  It did a great job of laying the groundwork for Kennedy's background, upbringing, election, the climate of the country, his Presidency and then a lot of detail of the day - the assassination, aftermath, legacy, all the conspiracy theories, etc.  Standing at the window on the 6th floor and watching traffic come around the Elm Street corner is a little eerie to say the least.  

After the museum tour, we went down into Dealey Plaza, I took a short video standing on the exact spot where Zapruder stood, took a group pic where the motorcade drove, stood on the grassy knoll, etc.  All pretty touristy, but certainly a good stop and fascinating that you are still able to be on the actual ground.  Highly recommended if you are there and interested.

After that stop, we tried to hit the food truck scene which is supposedly taking off in Dallas like so many places around the country.  They all closed up at 3:00, however - probably because in the afternoon it is as hot as the surface of the sun outside.  So we sweated a bunch and found an alternative dinner spot.  Seeing that Kim and I are in the running for Parents of the Year, we took the kids to a decidedly PG-13 place called Dicks Last Resort.  It's sort of along the lines of Ed Debevyks (the servers all have schtick grumpy attitudes) with a little bachelorette party attitude as well.  Everyone gets a customized paper hat that the server makes for you.  Given the PG-13 vibe (and seeing we were cool pretty cool with the attitude thing) our server made one up for MK explaining that she farts sprinkles and fairy dust and that Mag was still waiting for the boobie fairy to arrive.  Borderline inappropriate, but of course both observations that are also true.  The staff did a good job of making it fun but several notches below the really 'fun' hats that some of the all-adult tables had across the restaurant.  Overall a pretty good time for a backup choice :-)

We sweated another 10 lbs off walking back to the car and decided that the pool at the hotel was a really good idea.  We swam and chilled for the rest of the evening.  Certainly could have ventured out to see some more sights, but it looks like our Texas may continue to have a more laid back pace.  We're not quite headed back home but it's coming up soon, it's hot and we're a little tired.  Still great family time and moving forward, y'all.

More hot Texas fun tomorrow.

- Jim

The 6th Floor of the Texas Book Depository.  During the tour, you get to stand at the window next to the actual Oswald window.

The 'X' on the road is where the fatal shot hit President Kennedy.

The Grassy Knoll.