Day 57 - Memphis to Nashville, TN

I really like Memphis.  It is nice and fun.

We hit Graceland early because, well, when you have Graceland on the agenda, you need to get on it.  Kim and I had done Graceland with some of the kin folk a while ago, but it was a first for the girls.  The house is the same but the tour seemed better - a little more organized, pretty 2015-tech with iPads that guided you (the iPad tour was voiced, of course, but none other than Uncle Jesse [Full House, not Duke Boys]) throughout a nice, complete tour.  It sounds cliche', but man, I can't ever get me enough Jungle Room.  Mission accomplished in that we had a great time, the tour was great and the girls get that he was kind of a big deal.  It's Elvis week, by the way.  38 years after his death, there are still countless fan clubs all over the world sending in huge gifts of remembrance.  They were displayed everywhere.  And note on the pictures - idiot me forgot a memory card for my camera so the Graceland pics are iPhone.  :-(

After Graceland we hit a Checkers for a cheap lunch and then hustled to a bucket list item for me, Sun Studio.  All Elvis is good Elvis to me, but I have had a soft spot for Blue Moon of Kentucky and the rest of his early Sun Sessions, plus of course loving the Man in Black as well.  THIS TOUR DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  The place just reeks of history and is so well done.  A great end-cap to a Trip that has had its fair share of American music history.  Super, super highly suggested if you get the chance.  And holy cow, our tour guide!  The talented and lovely Lahna Deering is right up there with the super geeky Mesa Verde archaeologist guy for most-awesome tour guide of the Trip.  And no offense to archaeologist guy, but Lahna was waaaaaaay better looking.  You're awesome, Lahna - great to see someone with such passion for what they do.  If you hit the Madison area, we'll get the word out.

We hit the road after Sun and took the relatively easy drive to Nashville.  And what do you do when you hit Nashville?  Well, if you don't have any clean clothes and your hotel doesn't have facilities, you hit a Laundromat.  Kudos to The Soap Opry Laundromat, nice place.  Yay to not having to do any more laundry on the road!

Our hotel is right downtown Nashville, we checked in, walked around a little (thngs were nice, safe and hopping), had a bite at the local Hard Rock and turned in for the night.  Some more Nashville tomorrow.  Have a good day, y'all

- Jim.

Elvis's grave.  It's Elvis week, commemorating the anniversary of his death, so tons of fans send or leave things everywhere.

Elvis's grave.  It's Elvis week, commemorating the anniversary of his death, so tons of fans send or leave things everywhere.

The pool room, Graceland.  MY EYES!

The Jungle Room.  Crappy iPhone picture...grrr - always carry a backup memory card :-(

How about you go fetch me a peanut butter and banana sammich.

The legendary Sun Studio.  Great tour!

Lahna the Sun Studio tour guide blinked.  It doesn't take away from her awesome TourGuideNess.