BIG TRIP CONTEST! - Guess the Mileage

Hey, Kids!

We're truckin' thru Mississippi with less than a week before we get home.  I'm bored in the passenger seat, so it's contest time!

If you want to play the game, simply comment on this blog page or our Facebook page with what you guess the final total mileage will be that we travelled on The Big Trip when we pull in our driveway at home. It's Price is Right scoring - closest without going over.   There's a few places you can sort of get some info in the blog posts, but it'll pretty much be a guessing game. 

That's it. Whomever is closest will get the McNulty Family's lifelong admiration along with the admiration of our 1,300 other followers and, if we can get to it, maybe we'll send you a little something from our trip. 

Have fun, New Orleans blog update tonight. :-) 

- Jim