Day 47 - Golden, CO to Santa Fe, NM

Let's open up a restaurant in Santa Fe,
Sunny Santa Fe would be....nice.

When you have all summer to check some things off your bucket list, you have the wonderful option of looking all over the country for the best place to do those things.  Today's agenda included a bunch of driving to get to Santa Fe, but on our way, we went zip-lining.  This was a first for our family, and we wanted to do it right, so when we were planning the trip, we looked at countless articles and travel sights for a great spot.  Captain Zipine in Salida, Colorado consistently got top reviews nationwide, so that was our choice.

We got into Salida mid-day after a several hour drive in and around the now-familiar Rocky Mountain area.  Time was running a little short for us to make be our 1:00 start and we needed some lunch, quick.  I hate to say it, but I need to fess up - we couldn't find a decent fast alternative, so we stopped at a...McDonalds.  We made it most of June and all of July without breaking Big Trip Rule #1 (don't eat anywhere on the trip that you can eat at home), but we figured we had done pretty well to this point. Please forgive us... :-)  

Our actual starting point was a short drive outside of town, up a local highway and then down a dirt road for a bit to their visitor center.  After signing the queen-mother of all legal waivers, we jumped in a van with a dozen other folks and rode another off-road mile to the start.  Our guides, the cousin-combo of Preston and Myrissa, were amazing.  They were super seasoned, fit, fun, good lookin' kids that made things really fun as well as professional and safe.   I was really looking forward to this as was Maggie.  MK had warmed up over the recent weeks and Kim...well, had a little anxiety about it but was charging forward.

We did 6 runs total, all over an amazing (and deep...) canyon right on the Arkansas River.  Everyone performed like a champ and Kim won the award for the most convincing screaming!  It was a GREAT day - hats off to Preston and Myrissa for a super time.  Good luck in LA you crazy kids.  Look us up if you are ever shooting films in Madison.

We then packed up and drove another long stretch over our last Colorado mountain pass and on into New Mexico.  We arrived early evening, had a little dinner and are getting ready for a great day soaking in the city tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday!

- Jim

We were flanked by storms as we drove between two ranges in Southern Colorado heading to Santa Fe.  We pulled off west of the Sand Dunes National Park to shoot this little scene. Amazing light.

Ready to zip-line!

Little MK, big canyon.

Mag coming in with a big smile.

With our super guides, Myrissa and Preston.

Tomorrow's theme song (PG-13 lyrics) :-)