Day 38 - Grand Canyon National Park

Another one of the 'Big Dogs' today!  Last night was a late one, so we didn't get to bed until about 11:00.  This did not lend itself to watching the sunrise 6 hours later, so when I got up at 4:45, it was just me.  

I got to Yavapai Point just before 5:00.  Maybe a dozen others in the area, spread out to watch things happen.  It wasn't set up to be a photographic wonder since there were no clouds to make the light interesting, but as things slowly brightened, the Canyon revealed itself layer by layer.  I clicked a few pictures here and there, but to be honest, it ended up being much more about some amazing serenity, peace and watching something grand.  There was a nifty crescendo of light for about a minute before the sun finally broke over the horizon.  It was like a laser at first, it rose quickly and the Canyon was flooded in white.  Again, no dramatic reds, just a straight on sunrise, but it was something else.  20 years from now, I will be sitting somewhere, remember it, and smile.

Back to the cabin and I actually fell asleep for an hour before we were all up and at it for the day.  And here the blog gets a little dull.  We hiked.  And hiked.  And hiked.  Over 10 miles by the end of the day.  We went down and back in the canyon 3 miles on Bright Angel Trail (hello, 7,700 feet of elevation - anyone who has gone rim to rim now has my utmost respect), then the Rim Trail for miles, trying to soak in as many views as we could.  We saw California Condors up close, a couple of Elk, but mainly just jaw dropping views around every corner.

And that brings me to now.  In a little earlier than usual, but I am going to try hard to get the girls up for one more sunrise tomorrow before we go - one of those things that you loved doing, but loved it so much you want to immediately share it with those you care about.

More tomorrow when we will be Utah bound.

- Jim  

Sunrise, South Rim, Grand Canyon.  Shooting this canyon is currently beyond me, especially on a cloudless day.  It was a moving sunrise, though.

Grand Canyon, South Rim, Hopi Point.  Eleventy Billion people have taken better pics, but I had to post one, right?

One rest point on Bright Angel Trail.  It kicked out butts at points, but I still see smiles!

Bright Angel Trail from across the canyon.  We started at the top of the rim in the middle, and you can sort of see the trail going to the far right, them across left, then right to the middle, then switchbacks, then to the bottom left.  The down was awesome.  The up was a little harder...

A banker can have bumper stickers, right?  The collection is growing...