Day 36 - Las Vegas, NV to Holbrook, AZ

FYI, one of us just asked the other one for the 1,000th time: 'Hey, what city are we in?' Funny.  We have largely lost track of cities and days of the week.

Today's blog and pictures won't be nearly as awesome as yesterday because, well, yesterday was Vegas.  And actually a good part of today was Vegas, but it was pretty low key.  We slept in a bit, had a little breakfast, lounged in our awesome room, did a little gift shopping, grabbed a bite for lunch and hit the road mid-day.  

Stop #1 was Hoover Dam.  The ex-Engineer in me has really been looking forward to this stop and from a pure 'wow' factor, it's a winner.  Scope, size, history and importance on many facets.  Great stuff.  The new bypass bridge is really equally as incredible.  We only had a short time to soak it in, didn't have time for the tours, but if we are ever back from a longer Vegas-area trip, we will certainly devote a day to more in-depth touring and some Lake Mead time as well.  Vegas summer temps were back as well, low 100's by mid-day.

We then had a long haul to get to our next Arizona evening stop.  We had planned on Stop #2 being Meteor Crater, but because we lounged in Vegas, we missed their cutoff time.  No worries, we're hunkered down in a low-key place in Holbrook, Arizona (where?!?) and we will be up and at it tomorrow AM to hit the Crater and some other good geological wonderment.  Cheers to a Happy Wednesday, kids!

- Jim

Hoover Dam.  It's real big. 

View of the spillway below and the new Mike O'Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Hoover bypass bridge.