Day 34 - Chula Vista to Moreno Valley, CA.

When we arrived in Chula Vista, I checked the distance between here and home.  2,051 miles.  This is the farthest we will be from Stoughton.  We have about a month to go on The Big Trip, and we will now start winding our way back in a very indirect way.  I find myself being in a nice place inside my head - relaxed, in a groove, appreciative, busy, but with very few deadlines that cause normal daily pressure and stress.  Also, we are at a spot where we have done so much but there is still so much to do and see.  The end isn't yet on the horizon.  A true sweet spot.  They should all be sweet spots, but as most of us know, it's much easier said than done to live in the moment and enjoy every day.

Day #2 in Southern California and...MORE RAIN.  Do you know how many times San Diego has had over 1.0 inches of rain in a day in July?  Never.  Like, never, ever, since they started keeping weather records.  That was until yesterday.  They broke a record for us.  And guess what - it rained most of the day again today.  No worries, just some plans cut short, but that's going to happen on a trip this long.

Up and at it this morning and to the San Diego Zoo.  We're not generally big zoo people, but this is the grandpappy of zoo's, so we headed in and started working our way around.  A definite notch up on other zoo's.  But a couple hours in...the skies opened up.  Should have known when the animals started their 2 x 2 line ups, right?  Light rain turned to rain turned to heavy rain that didn't stop.  Drowned rats, we headed back to the car.  The rest of the day's activities were all planned outside, so for the second day in a row, we had a choice to make, and we chose Plan B.  We headed north to Moreno Valley and hunkered down.  The girls got some dance practice in, we caught up on laundry, caught up on blogging, sorted through a lot of general stuff that isn't fun but is part of being on the road this long.

Overall, a wash of a day, especially for such a great city as San Diego, but we are locked and loaded to hit the road tomorrow morning.  We will be heading to the desert and who knows where we will end up...but we may get the Rain Man suite and be up five hundy by midnight, baby!

Have a great Monday!

- Jim

MK doing her Koala impression.

Koalas are cute.

I completely identify with this Meerkat.