Day 27 - San Francisco, CA

It was your normal summer San Francisco day - mid-70's, sunny, light breeze...wait, what?!?

That's right, kids, the Big Trip positive weather karma continues on in full force.  Over the last week, we have had warm and sunny days in both Seattle and San Francisco.  There should be a Sharknado Tsumami Flash Flood-icane in our future at some point to make up for overall good weather.  For now, however, we will thank the weather gods and be thankful.

Kim and I really love San Francisco.  Such a tourist friendly town to the both of us.  Something to do around every corner, and on such an amazing day, it was really nice to just get to one section of town and explore walk without a strict agenda and without the need to get in the car and put on miles.

We decided to park close to the Fisherman's Wharf area and walk for most of the day.  We hit that area, Pier 39 (just three seals), lunched on chowder bread bowls at Boudin, took a cable car to the top of Hyde, walked to Chinatown, freaked MK out with the head-on ducks in the Chinese market windows, walked all the way back via Lombard Street, had ice cream at Ghirardelli Square and walked around some more.  Whew.  About 9 miles of walking should about have evened out the food intake, right?   We took a quick car ride over the the Painted Ladies as well since we had never seen them. Beautiful homes, but the poor people that live in those houses can't ever walk around in their underwear without having the drapes pulled. 

That's about it.  We really like this town and as with so many other stops on the trip, we just scratched the surface, but we got a great flavor of the place.  We will be back.  Good job, San Francisco!  We really love you.

A little break in the southerly travel tomorrow as we go inland Cali for a day.  Cheers to a good Monday.

Christmas card potential right there.

It's a long wait for a cable car on a sunny summer weekend, but worth it!

Lombard Street, San Francisco, CA.  We walked up it instead of driving down it.

The Painted Ladies.  Light wasn't great and a couple were, but I think you get the picture.  Uncle Jesse was no where to be found.

A beautiful day by the bay.