One Week To Go!

Say it with me, people - it's one week until we shut it all down and hit the road for close to 10 weeks. To say it's a little surreal would be a huge understatement. We have been in some stage of planning this adventure for the last six years, so it is proving to be difficult shifting into true 'go mode'.  But here we are.

The route is largely planned, lodging is basically covered (we should have a roof over our heads every night), many excursions have been dialed in, but there are also many spots left wide open for unplanned adventure.  And then the minutia...WiFi hot spots, sufficient underwear, new toothbrushes and the like. We are packing as light as we can so the stuff stays out of the way of the time we want to spend together.

Not sure if this post is the start of the daily entries yet, but it is close.  I will say this one time: THANK YOU to those of you who are part of our circle. Thanks for the endless support and indulging some very 'Hey, look at us!' behavior.  We have a family ego like everyone else, but as much as we can, we are trying to just share our experiences and maybe inspire folks a little here and there.  We know how incredibly lucky we are to have each other, to have our unbelievably supportive jobs and to be surrounded by a bunch of amazing people.  We just want to spend good slow time with each other, and share it with people we care about.  

More to come.  Lots more. Tell your friends to like our page and follow along.  It's going to be a fun ride...