Day 12 - Albert Lea, MN to Pierre, SD

3750 miles in and all is well.  Lots of travel again today, trekking across the western half of Minnesota and a good chunk of South Dakota.  I warned the girls that they had not really seen flat, and they have not really seen billboards.  Today they got a good taste of both.

The morning drive got us to Sioux Falls.  I had driven thru but not visited before.  The Falls park which the city is named after is a complete beauty.  In addition to it being a Chamber of Commerce perfect weather day, there was also a big biking event going on, so the park was hopping, including food trucks!  In addition to some normal truck stuff, we tried Chislic.  MK knew about this South Dakota-only meat specialty from a school project so we gave it a whirl.  It's cubed meat on a stick.  I'm all about meat, and all about food on a stick, so thumbs up on Chislic.

After Sioux Falls, we drove on to Mitchell and the second biggest tourist trap in the state, The Corn Palace.  Sort of a let down since they were going through a major (annual?) overhaul of the exterior and it was not in all its splendor, especially from a photography standpoint.  We did the tour, though, got some Corn Palace gift shop swag and moved on to Pierre to finish the day.

Pierre is the state capitol, and not a whole lot to look at, but they did have a super old school walk-up only ice cream stand named Zesto.  How could you not love a place named Zesto, eh?  We all had a great treat, drove a round a little, stocked up on some basics and are settling down for the night.

All in all a good day.  Things should ramp up a bit tomorrow as we start to get to some real 'out-west' highlights.  Cheers until then.

- Jim

Picnic under a tree.  Perfect day in Sioux Falls.

The Falls in Sioux Falls, SD.

The Corn Palace mascot, Cornelius.  Serious marketing gurus in Mitchell, SD.

Are we tourists?  Yes we are!

If you're looking for ice cream in Pierre, SD, look no further.