We're Baaaaaaack!

Hey, Kids!

And now back to your regularly scheduled program.  We spent the last several days in the waterpark capitol of the world while the girls competed in a nifty 'Nationals' dance competition.  This re-arranged some of the initial Big Trip itinerary, but a great opportunity to participate and compete against some very high quality dancers, see many friends again for a little while and also get some rays!  We have checked the waterpark box off of the summer list, so no Wally World distractions while we are on our adventure.  Anyways, the park is closed and the moose out front should have told you...

 Unpacking the car and repacking is a little more of a chore than we would have initially thought and we are out of the groove a little, but we made a few tweaks and are super excited to get rolling again.  We are heading due west to start the day - flat land and tacky tourist stops, here we come! 

Jim's Jam for the day: 

We've got Willie with us.  Live @ The Grand Ole Opry

 Hopefully we will check in tonight.  Cheers!

- Jim