Day 7 - Harrisburg and Hershey

Chocolate.  OK, that's it.  Have a good night. want me to elaborate a little?  Alrighty. Today was our Hershey, Pennsylvania day.  It was circled on all of our calendars but was circled, starred and highlighted on Mary Kate's.  Once again, the day did not disappoint.

We did Hershey's Chocolate World vs. the also-famous Hershey's Park next door.  The Park is roller coasters and in case you don't know, that's not our bag.  Chocolate World is near-Disney quality indoor attraction stuff and took us from about 9:00 - 3:00 to tackle it all.  We made own personalized chocolate bar, saw a 3D movie, took an in-depth chocolate tasting class, trolley ride around historic parts of town, shopping, etc.  And despite our protests, everywhere you went they were sticking free chocolate in your face.

By 3:00, however, we were all hitting stimulus and sugar overload.  We took off, hit a store to stock up on supplies, did some swimming, went for a run and we are now cycling down for the night.

Time for just a bit of reflection with day 7 winding down.   Still a lot to learn about travelling for this long, but I think we can sincerely say that the honeymoon is over and we are in a good groove.  Definite positives (working through some things with the girls making choices, parental patience, etc.) and also some lessons, mostly that we all need to be conscious about getting some alone time.  Kim and I both took a run on our own and I think it did a good job adjusting our heads for more together time.  When I look back on this post in another 5, 6, 7 weeks, I will probably laugh, but for now I think we are sincerely settling in.

And oh, that run I took.  A quick 4 miles, 650 feet of elevation change, single track with loose, slick granite rocks everywhere.  Not in Kansas anymore.

Onward in the morning to experience some history and do a little horsing around.  Over and out.

Hershey PA.  Ignore the disembodied arm from the photo-bombing kid I tried to Photoshop out.

Make your own custom candy bar.

Custom candy bars made.  And a Nikon shooter nearby to get me in a pic!

In-process candy bars.

My running trail.  Boyd Big Tree Preserve Park, Harrisburg, PA