Day 5 - Boston to Ronks, PA...via NYC

In the movie version of today's sequel to Planes, Trains and Automobiles, I think I would be played by John Candy and Kim would get the Steve Martin treatment.  The marquee for this version might, Ferries, Subways and Cabooses?

We took off from Boston early and decided we had the energy and time to try and take a tiny bite out of the Big Apple.  Driving into the City always causes me some serious pit-sweats, but we tackled it nonetheless.  There was a car tour of the Bronx, Queens,  Brooklyn and Staten Island,  finishing up at the door of the Staten Island Ferry.  Is there any other totally free service in the world cooler than that Ferry?  

(Cue the Mission Impossible music...) Kim had it in her head that she wanted to show the girls FAO Schwartz on 5th Avenue before it closes permanently in July.  Mission accomplished!  Ferry ride, subway all the way from Battery Park to 59th, shopping and pictures in FAO, street vendor hot dogs and then we ran the whole thing in reverse.  Awesome few hours, and a complete whirlwind.

If you are thinking that we were nuts to only devote part of one day to NYC, you would be correct...however, we are visiting with the girl's dance school next summer.  This was a great way to get us all pumped for that adventure in 2016!

A beautiful few hours drive west and south of Staten Island landed us here.  In another car.  A train car.  Caboose to be specific.  Yup, we're spending the night in a train car.  More on that tomorrow when we have some light for some pictures.  All aboard and g'night.

- Jim 

PS - a light picture day...too much running around!

Staten Island Ferry ride to the city.

A last visit to FAO

The girls have never seen 'Big'.  We'll be fixing that later in the trip!